Wednesday, March 7, 2012

How Long Should My Flowers Last?

Many folks want to know how long should their flowers last.

Well, that depends. There are a lot of factors to consider to when answering this question.

Some flowers varieties will last longer than others. For instance, mums and carnations are very long lasting (Often a couple of weeks or more.), while spring flowers like daffodils are beautiful for about a week.

Where you buy flowers matters too. Good fresh flowers from your local florist are carefully cared for throughout the process of growing, shipping, storing and selling.

Another consideration is how the flowers are handled after you’ve bought them. By carefully cleaning off any submerged foliage, using flower food, cutting the stems with a sharp knife, and keeping the vase filled with clean water you give your flowers optimum conditions for longevity.

And finally, where you display your flowers makes a difference too. A cool location, out of the sun will prolong vase life.

So with these thoughts in mind … “Keep it cool, keep it clean, keep it out of the sun.” … enjoy these jewels of nature!
Posted by Mary


  1. Lilies, one of my favorite flowers, are long-lasting too. I placed a bouquet of calla lilies in my room last week, and they still look fresh. I change the water regularly, and then I add a few drops of bleach to prevent bacterial growth. You can also add a spoonful of sugar, crushed aspirin and vodka.

    Jory Prison

    1. Jory, thanks for your input. Yes, anything that keeps the water clean will go a long way towards having your flowers last for as long as possible.