Tuesday, January 11, 2011

What if the Obituary states "In lieu of flowers".

Some folks are unsure if it is OK to send flowers if an obituary states in lieu of flowers. In a word, yes, flowers are always appropriate. Flowers can be a real comfort to both the giver and the receiver. They can be sent to the funeral home or to the residence of the person you wish to comfort. They are a very personal, lingering and beautiful reminder of your sympathetic thoughts.
Posted by Mary

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

What should I know about Funeral Flowers:

Funerals are a celebration and remembrance of someone loved as a family member or friend.  With the gathering of friends, neighbors and relatives, those left behind share their loss and receive support.  Flowers are an integral part of this.  Family members can use their flowers to celebrate the uniqueness of this person.  Special items of significance can be included in the arrangement.  For example, flowers for the remembrance of a sports fan can include a team logo.  Or tools and items from a profession or hobby can be included.  In addition, flowers can be arranged in unusual containers. A floral display in a tool box for example, would make a special display for a mechanic. 
We are pleased to help make your flowers a unique expression of your loved one’s life.  Think about what was important to your loved one and bring these ideas to us.  It is a comfort to know that you can express your special relationship though flowers. All through the time of remembering, these displays can be also used as part of a viewing, service and a reception.
Posted by Mary