Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Taking Care of Your Cut Roses.

A rose is a queen of flowers.   Whether your roses are boxed, wrapped or in a vase, here are a few pointers for maximum enjoyment.  First and foremost in terms of rose care, is the issue of water.  Roses hate to be out of water for long, so get them in water quickly.  Before putting your roses in a vase, re-cut the stems with a sharp knife.  (Scissors tend to crush the stem.)  An angle cut is best.  Be sure to use clean water, slightly warm in temperature (around 100 degrees F), and add flower preservative.  Keeping your roses in a cooler location and out of the sun will also help them to last longer.  If a rose droops over, this means that an air bubble has formed a blockage in the stem.  Submerge the entire rose and stem in warm water and cut off about 1”.  Straighten out the stem and leave submerged for a couple of hours.  This often revives the rose.  Check the water level in the vase daily and add water to keep it full.  For the longest vase life, change the water and re-cut the stems every couple of days.
Posted by Mary