Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The End of Summer is a Time of Transitions


The end of summer is a time of transitions. For many, it’s back to school, back to work, a new college or dorm room or a suddenly empty nest. For students and teachers alike the challenges of the new school year await.

All of these life transitions can be new and exciting but at the same time scary, lonely and a bit daunting. After the whirlwind of anticipation and preparations, reality sets in. This is definitely the time for some TLC. No matter the situation, flowers set an atmosphere of kindness, love and stress reduction.

A beautiful flower arrangement on a teacher’s desk get’s everyone in the classroom looking forward to the school year ahead. And flowers are a great antidote for those Monday morning office blues. That strange new dorm room will feel more like home with flowers and plants.

Meanwhile, on the home front, Mom (or Dad) needs a hug too for all her efforts over the summer. And for those with children away from the nest, it is wonderful to know that she is still in their thoughts and hearts.
Posted by Mary