Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Making This Simple Arrangement:

At eleven inches in overall height this small arrangement has a big impact. Using just a few flowers in bold colors, this pretty, basic line design is easy to do.
The materials we used are: Pottery dish with frog purchased from Christopher Vaughn Pottery at the Essex Junction Farmers Market, two small sprigs of variegated pittosporum, three yellow daisy mum blooms, one stem purple iris and two sprigs of purple status. .

Start with the pottery dish and place the sprigs of pittosporum at the base to cover the mechanics. Next add the daisy mum blooms, starting with the bottom one and continue upwards, spacing evenly and placing each of the blooms behind the last. Add the iris. And finally, for the finishing touch, add the sprigs of purple status at the base of your design.

Now you are ready to enjoy your arrangement. Remember to add water daily.
Posted by Mary